Liquid Lift

A Liquid Lift is designed as a cosmetic injectable alternative to traditional facelift surgery. A Liquid Lift can be an excellent substitute for patients who may need more subtle cosmetic enhancement, or simply do not want to undergo surgery and an extended recovery period.

The procedure can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles along the face, including between the brows and between the nose and mouth, as well as provide lip augmentation and cheek enhancement to add volume and contour to facial features for a completely natural result.

While most injectors choose to inject dermal fillers directly into the laugh lines, we feel that many times a more appropriate treatment is to place product directly on top of the cheek bone thus creating a much more youthful silhouette. This requires more skill and training but creates a longer lasting and more natural result. Jawline enhancement can also make a huge difference in creating a more youthful appearance.